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    Mr Ajay Mangalchand Bagdi is a farmer, social worker, and a successful entrepreneur. He has been working in the farming industry since the age of 15 and has observed the lives of people around him very closely. Inspired by his late father Mr Mangalchand Bagdi, Mr Bagdi had a vision for the betterment of the society. He dreams of an India full of equality, justice, and dignity by eradication poverty, inequality, and hunger from society.

    After completing his graduation from Kanpur University, Mr Bagdi started his own company called Three Aces Industries. Despite coming from a wealthy background, Mr Bagdi decided to do things on his own. Since then he is a successful founder and director of four companies; Three Aces Industries, Chill N Grill Restaurant, The Power of One Welfare foundation, and Zehn Solutions.

    He is someone who believes in moving forward, and so are his list of endless achievements. While in college, Mr Bagdi was a national swimmer and winner at automotive racing. Keeping his ever so striking flamboyant ways at bay, Mr Bagdi started his own NGO called “The Power of One Welfare Foundation” after completing his masters from Himalayan University.


    Three Aces Industries
    Three Aces Industries

    Starting in the year 2003, Three Aces is the first company that Mr Bagdi founded. This particular company mostly deals with real estate, and Mr Bagdi has been successfully handling all the operations of this private limited company.

    Chill N Grill
    Chill N Grill

    Mr Bagdi founded this extravagant and luxurious restaurant that is located right in the heart of Nagpur. Coming out as a huge success Chill N Grill has gained a lot of awards and recognitions by prestigious magazines and media company throughout the year. Mrs Shilpi Bagdi is now the sole owner of the restaurant and is running it smoothly.

    Power Of One
    The Power of One Welfare Foundation

    Founded by Mr. & Mrs Bagdi in the year 2014, this NGO has always been Mr Bagdi’s farfetched dream. In his early years, he had witnessed his father working for the society which encouraged him to become a philanthropist. Power of One has been consistent in working for community service and had recently launched a campaign for mental health.

    Zehn Solutions
    Zehn Solutions

    With the beginning of an era of digitalization, Mr Bagdi has started his own IT company. With a set of talented tech guys and industry forward marketing team, Zehn has been another victory and a huge success in his entrepreneur career.

    The best leader is the one who does and makes others do the best things.

    Latest News

    Mental Health

    Ajay Bagdi’s take on Mental Health

    October 15, 2020

    Hotelier, social activist, philanthropist, and famous entrepreneur of Nagpur, Mr. Ajay Bagdi has some exceptional thoughts and views on the damages that covid-19 has brought among the young individuals.

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    Power Of One Campaign

    Power of One organises mental health campaign

    October 13, 2020

    On the World Mental Health Day, The Power of One Welfare Foundation organized a mental health campaign in association with renowned Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Rajesh Rathi.

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    Mental Health Day

    World Mental Health Day

    October 11, 2020

    On the World Mental Health Day, The Power of One Welfare foundation had organized a Mental health campaign in association with renowned Consultant psychiatrist, Dr. Rajesh Rathi. The founders of Power of One NGO, Mr. Ajay Bagdi and Mrs. Shilpi Bagdi had organized this live video session on social media.

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    Noble Move

    Serves Oil, Grains in Lockdown

    April 18, 2020

    Power of One, an NGO has been providing kits kg 5kg rice, 2 kg dal and 1 litre oil to families who are unable to afford to make the purchase as their livelihoods depend on daily wages and they have verb affected by the lockdown.

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    Christmas, New Year with Children

    January 9, 2020

    An NGO by the name ‘Power of One Welfare Foundation’ recently celebrated Christmas and New Year with children of Yuva Jyothi–Care and support centre for children, Nagpur.

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    Welfare Activities

    October 17, 2016

    Power of One Welfare Foundation undertook an array of welfare activities on various days. The organization donated two fans to hostel of Blind Relief Association.

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